Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    Optimizing of haploid production in tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) in order to obtain parental lines of hybrid, using ISSR marker.    M.Sc.    hatefiolaii, zeinab    2018-11-17
2    Revealing the function of ARFs in induction of the embryonic stem cells during somatic embryogenesis of arabidopsis (Arabidopsis thaliana)    Ph.D    KHADEM, AZADEH    2018-09-22
3    Evaluation of Molecular Diversity, Morphology and phytochemistry Papaver Genus in Iranian Poppy Populations    Ph.D    habib zadeh, ali reza    2018-09-22
4    Engineering carrot (Daucus carota L.) cell line to expression valuable Taliglucerase alfa enzyme    Ph.D    Toosi, Sahba    2018-09-15
5    The role of miR396 and GRF transcription factors during meristem development in Barley    Ph.D    Yazdi, Mahboobeh    2018-09-11
6    Determination of DNA markers related to drought tolerance in sugar beet top-cross hybrids using SSR and RAPD molecular markers.    M.Sc.    Qanbari, Saeedeh    2018-09-01
7    studying the expression of candidate MicroRNA in petunia under drought stress in order to select and manipulate an effective miR in drought stress tolerance.    Ph.D    moshtaghi, sakineh    2018-09-01
8    Expression of antimicrobial peptide MsDeF1.2 in tobacco to confer resistance to Rhizoctonia solani    M.Sc.    reyhani, arezoo    2018-07-07
9    The Optimizing in vitro Regeneration of Malus domestica L. cv. Golab Khorasan, Golab Kohanz and Mahale Sheykhi    M.Sc.    abbasi niazabadi, elahe    2018-03-13
10    Determination of Quantitative and Essential oil Yield and Yield Components in Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Varieties Based on Multivariate Analysis    M.Sc.    Mokhtari, Tahereh    2018-03-03
11    In vitro micropropagation of Pelargonium hortorum maverick    M.Sc.    farzandi, peyman    2018-03-01
12    Identification of mechanisms affecting on root to shoot ratio in different genotypes of Barley under drought stress by studing morphological, physiological and molecular characteristics and analyzing genes expression profile changes in mRNA level by RNA seq method.    Ph.D    Najib, Rasul    2018-01-06
13    The effect of induced mutation on saffron(Crocus sativus L.) corm propagation at In vitro culture    M.Sc.    sargazi moghadam, Zahra    2017-12-02
14    Transient Expression of Cyanovirin N in Tobacco and Lettuce    M.Sc.    khaleghi miran, seyed sadegh    2017-12-02
15    Title: Evaluation of gene expression in silymarin biosynthesis pathway in hairy root culture of milk thistle (Silybum marianum (L) Gaertn ) in response to metyle jasmonate elicitor    M.Sc.    alipoor kachanak, leila    2017-08-05
16    Investigating the possibility of improving the effective pharmaceutical compounds in the Perovskia abrotanoides Karel through fungal symbiosis endophytes    Ph.D    Teimoori, Yeganeh    2017-07-31
17    Suppression of miR156 and overexpression of miR172 in petunia and their effects on early flowering    Ph.D    bahreini, kian    2017-05-06
18    Increasing Glucoronic acid in Kombucha beverage and determination of diversity in fungi and bacterial specieses by ITS marker    M.Sc.    gheshlaghi, samira    2017-04-29
19    Assessment of genetic and phytochemical diveristy and parthenolide profile of feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium L.) ecotypes and effect of nano elicitors on yield, secondary metabolites and parthenolide content    Ph.D    Shahhoseini, Reza    2017-03-14
20    Determination of genetic distances in super sweet corn lines using SSR markers and the relationships with their hybrid yields    M.Sc.    rezaie, zahra    2017-03-09
21    Genetic engineering of chickpea for resistance to glyphosate herbicide    M.Sc.    harati, nastaran    2017-02-11
22    Transcriptome analysis of the resurrection plant Anastatica hierochuntica by RNA seq in order to identify the genes involved in drought tolerance    Ph.D    Golmohammadi, Hamid Reza    2017-02-04
23    Cross breeding for increasing plant height and analysis of inheritance for agronomic traits of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) using mean analysis and generation regression    M.Sc.    karimi, reza    2016-12-31
24    ٰThe Effect of gamma irradiation on inducing mutation in Gerbera jamesonii    M.Sc.    Amidi, Zahra    2016-11-12
25    Environmental and genetical factors affecting the spawn degeneration in white button mushroom, Agaricus bisporus    M.Sc.    Torabi, Morteza    2016-11-12
26    Engineering resistance against tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) and Bemisia tabaci using artificial micro RNA    M.Sc.    ahmadi parsa, abbas    2016-07-12
27    Cloning of Cel6B into Pichia pastoris and optimization of culture conditions for cellulose production    M.Sc.    imangholiloo, karim    2016-07-03
28    Analysis of inheritance of SSA transgene in progeny of crosses between two current Chickpea cultivars (Cicer arietinum L.) with Jimbour transgenic line .    M.Sc.    asadi, sara    2016-03-12
29    Molecular evaluation of algal flora in Bazangan Lake and their identification using DNA Barcoding    Ph.D    Khosravinia, Sara    2016-01-27
30    Study the possibility of increasing some pharmaceutical terpenoid indole alkaloids in Catharanthus roseus by over-expression of CrMYC1 transcription factor    Ph.D    Sazegari, Sima    2015-12-19
31    Quantitative expression analysis of AGAMOUS gene in double flower of amaryllis    M.Sc.    dastmalchi, sepideh    2015-12-07
32    Optimization of protoplast transfection in tomato    M.Sc.    teimourpour, afshin    2015-10-12
33    Investigation of the effect of Gama irradiation for inducing variation in Sinningia speciosa    M.Sc.    sokhtanlo, sakine    2015-10-03
34    The Evaluation of Morphological, Biochemical and Genetical of Different Papulations of Mentha longifolia l. under Water Deficiency Stress    Ph.D    Moshrefi araghi, alireza    2015-09-30
35    Investigation of the effect of UV-B radiation on some morphological, physiological and biochemical parameters of rosemary plants under salinity stress    Ph.D    Hamidi Moghaddam, Abolghasem    2015-08-22
36    Study the possibility of ferutinin production through in vitro method from Ferula ovina and using it instead of 17 Beta estradiol for treating ostteoporosis    Ph.D    Zare Mirakabad, Hoda    2015-06-16
37    Determination of selection indices for yield of forage corn hybrids(Zea mays L)    M.Sc.    Alinia, Nassrin    2015-04-18
38    Study of explants position and plant growth regulators effects on Freesia's corms (Freesia hybrid)regeneration In Vitro    M.Sc.    vazirnia, ziba    2015-04-18
39    Molecular characterization of transgenic sugar beet resistant to rhizomania disease(Beet necrotic yellow vein virus) based on gene silencing    Ph.D    yousefiara, mahdieh    2015-01-30
40    The analysis of some genes expression and efficiency in algae used for agricultural waste water bioremediation    Ph.D    bagheri bajestani, fariba    2014-12-10
41    Transferring of human aFGF gene into lettuce using agrobacterium    Ph.D    Khatibzadeh, Raheleh    2014-12-09
42    Callus and cell suspension cultures of rosemary(Rosemarinus officinalis) and application of acetylsalicylic acid and methyl jasmonate elicitors on production of pharmaceutical metabolites    M.Sc.    ehsanbakhsh, mahdiyeh    2014-10-01
43    Feasibility of somatic embryogenesis and plantlet regeneration from endosperm and cotyledon of European pear    Ph.D    ameri, atefe    2014-09-02
44    Optimizing propagation of saffron(Crocus sativus L.) cormsby in vitro direct regeneration    M.Sc.    hajizadeh, atefeh    2014-07-07
45    Polyploidy induction in African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) using colchicine and oryzalin    M.Sc.    zahedi, asma    2014-07-07
46    : Optimization of Malva sylvestris callus induction and its suspension culture and study the effect of methyljasmonate on some of secondary metabolites of this plant    M.Sc.    Kamanian tabari, Mozhdeh    2014-07-07
47    Optimization of hairy root production in Atropa belladonna and studying the effect of methyl jasmonate on atropin and scopolamine    M.Sc.    kheradmand, maryam    2014-06-21
48    Optimization of hairy root production in Calendula officinalis for increased production of oleanolic acid glycosides    M.Sc.    sohrabi nezhad, zohreh    2014-06-07
49    Optimization of regeneration and gus gene transferring in Kalanchoe blossfeldiana by Agrobacterium tumefaciens    M.Sc.    Mehdizadeh Hakkak, Maryam    2014-06-07
50    optimizing the in vitro regeneration of Anthurium scherzerianum using indirect method    M.Sc.    noroozi, ahmad    2014-05-31
51    Callus induction and regeneration of immature and mature embryos of maize (Zea mays L.) in different genetic generations    M.Sc.    meghdari, zahra    2014-04-26
52    The Effect of physical mutagen on morphological traits of African violet (Saintpaulia ionantha) at in vitro culture    M.Sc.    bahrololoum, samaneh    2014-04-26
53    Spiruilina(Arthrospira platensis) Bioremediation potentials in fishery wastewater by investigation on growth and protein profile    M.Sc.    Dehban ivan estakhri, Ehda    2014-04-12
54    Title: Optimization of regeneration in two species of ornamental Amaranthus (Amaranthus tricolour & A. early splendor) in vitro conditions and possibility of transferring luciferase reporter gene.    M.Sc.    HojatianFar, Mostafa    2014-02-22
55    : Assessment of gene expression pattern of Catalase (CAT) under drought stress in Petunia hybrida    M.Sc.    tafaghodi elijehbaf, reihaneh    2014-02-22
56    Optimization of regeneration in begonia ( B. rex and B. elatior species) and studing the gus gene transferring to this plant    M.Sc.    hosseini, fatemeh    2014-02-22
57    Optimization of Thebaine Secondary Metabolites Production from Iranian Poppy (Papaver bracteatum Lindl.) Hairy Root in Bioreactor    Ph.D    ghavami, nasrin    2014-01-28
58    the roles of vesicular-arbuscular fungi (VA) and drought stress on growth, antioxidant enzymes, phenolic compounds and essential oils in basil and study on phenolic and biochemical compound biosynthesis in hairy roots (in vitro) and tansgenic mycorrhizal basil (Ocimum basilicum L.)    Ph.D    zare, maryam    2014-01-25
59    Molecular identification and genetic diversity of Armillaria spp. in some regions of Khorasan razavi province    M.Sc.    Salehabadi, Yalda    2013-12-13
60    Assessment of morphophysiological , biochemical and molecular responses of Petunia under drought stress    Ph.D    zarghami moghaddam, mina    2013-11-20
61    Comparison of Some Molecular Aspects of salt-induced Oxidative Stress in Aeluropus (Aeluropus littoralis L.) and Rice (Oriza sativa L.)    Ph.D    Fakhrfeshani, Masoud    2013-09-18
62    The study of chalcone isomerase (chi) gene function in biosynthesis pathway of pigment production in Petunia (Petunia hybrida) with RNAi technology    Ph.D    keykha akhar, fatemeh    2013-09-18
63    Expression analysis of HA1 coding antigene of H5N1 influenza virus in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) for vaccine production    Ph.D    FARSAD, AFSANEHSADAT    2013-09-18
64    Optimization of hairy root production in Borago officinalis L. by Agrobacterium rhizogenes    M.Sc.    Sadeghi sokeh, Vahideh    2013-06-29
65    The effect of titanium dioxid nanoparticles and EDTA chelat on expression of Nitrat reductase gene in Spinach( Spinacia oleracea)    M.Sc.    nejati zadeh, saba    2013-06-29
66    Expresion and function of exoglucanase (cel6B) from Thermobifidia fusca in Pichia pastoris    M.Sc.    heydari gharehsoo, fahimeh    2013-06-01
67    Effects of IBA and Agrobacterium rhizogenesis on rooting of apple and pear᾽ s hard wood cutting    M.Sc.    azmoode, fahime    2013-05-21
68    Study on the possibility of linalool and linalyl acetate production by transformed hairy root cultures of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia)    M.Sc.    KHADEM, AZADEH    2013-04-13
69    Optimization of Lavandula angustifolia cell suspension culture and study the effect of ultrasound and methyl jasmonate on linalool and linalyl acetate production    M.Sc.    Yazdi, Mahboobeh    2013-04-13
70    Study on effect of Agrobacterium’s strain on induce hairy roots in Catharanthus roseus and usage of elicitors in enhance the production of it’s medicinal alkaloids    M.Sc.    hamidi shirghan, elham    2013-02-18
71    The pattern expression of CBF and P5CS genes in Cicer arietinum under freezing    M.Sc.    ghassemi, rohollah    2012-10-27
72    Evaluation of interaction of ABC multidrug transporters MDR1 and ABCG2 with effective components of black cumin Thymoquinone (TQ): substrates and/or inhibitors?    M.Sc.    Naserifar, Zeynab    2012-10-11
73    Characterization and Purification of chitinase enzyme of native strain and its biocontrol effects against some plant pathogenic fungi    M.Sc.    rahimzadeh, kosar    2012-07-18
74    cloning and expression of a navel cellobiase gene of psychrotrophic Exiguobacterium in Escherichia Coli    M.Sc.    sharifzadeh, sara    2012-06-21
75    Optimization of micropropogation conditions in Ziziphus jujuba    M.Sc.    khazaei, ali    2012-05-22
76    Comparison of scopolamine and hyoscyamine Alkaloids in Diploid and Autotetraploid plants of Datura innoxia and hairy roots of Diploid plants    M.Sc.    naderian, parisa    2012-05-05
77    The possibility of gene transferring of α- amylase inhibitor into Lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.)    M.Sc.    adabifirozjaei, hossein    2012-03-13
78    Evaluation of Withania coagulans land races and investigation of different elicitors effect on production of withanolides in cell suspension cultures and optimization of transformed hairy root cultures in bioreactor    Ph.D    Valizadeh, Moharam    2011-07-07
79    expression of vp1 coding gene and investigation on biofarming toward production of foot and mouth disease (FMD) recombinant vaccine in tobacco (Nicotiana tabaccum)    Ph.D    habibi, maziar    2011-07-06
80    Identification of plant and nonplant adulterations in saffron by ITS marker s    M.Sc.    negahban, mona    2011-06-15
81    The molecular and bioassay tests of transgenic chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) resistant to Helicoverpa armigera Hub.    M.Sc.    Ebadi babajan, Parviz    2010-10-23
82    Studying the effect of different doses of honey bee’s royal jelly on cell proliferation and plating efficiency of human PC3 and HTB5637 cell lines    M.Sc.    fazili, narges    2010-10-23
83    Gene transferring of cellulase enzyme from thermobifida fusca to yeast    M.Sc.    karimi, mohammad    2010-08-23